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Lightpoint connects your entire home's lighting and selected power onto a single network that provides dimming, grouping, scheduling and dynamic switch mapping. Lightpoint has been designed to bring lighting automation, normally reserved for prestige residential and commercial space, to the homes of every Australian family. Lighting control is one of those technologies that many Australian families do not desire until they stay with a friend that has it. Real benefits like soft lighting paths for the children between their bedroom and the toilet during the night, being able to turn all lights off with a single touch on your way out the door, scheduling lighting events while on holidays to make your home appear occupied or even connecting to your home to see if a light or appliance was left on.

Lighting control is inexpensive and has a significant impact on lifestyle, convenience, energy consumption and peace of mind. Lightpoint combines with Sygnal Climatepoint climate control with the release of the stylish new capacitive touch "Hybrid" room controller. The Hybrid provides on/off control for both the lighting circuit and air conditioning zone without the need for multiple wall controllers by incorporating a temperature sensor within the one easy to use control.

Sygnal Capacitive Touch and Hybrid wall controllers

The Sygnal Capacitive touch wall controller is a stylish addition to your home. Not only is it functional and easy to use, but its adaptable. You can program any of the light switches in your home at turn on and off any bay of lights you choose.

The Sygnal Hybrid controllers allow you to interact with your Climatepoint and Lightpoint systems meaning you only need the one controller for both lighting and temperature control.

Available in Black and white and in 1,2,3,4,6 button wall switch configurations.