Climate and Lighting Solutions for your business

Sygnal have a proven record of success working with Australian businesses and government bodies. Every product in the Sygnal range has a place within the commercial building. The "Climatepoint" multi zone temperature control option has provided a great solution for business and operations where arguments over the old central style thermostat have long been an issue. Some examples of the types of commercial buildings Sygnal have been utilised in are: Medical centres/doctors suites, commercial office suites, nursing homes, retirement villages group disability homes, child care centres, IT & networking company offices and showrooms, council buildings & offices, legal offices, optometrists, pediatricians offices, auto parts stores & offices, farm offices & accommodation, motel accommodation and mine worker accommodation.

Office climate

Sygnal climate point with the ability to match up to 4 ducted indoor units per outdoor unit capable of servicing up to 48 zones per system.

Using VRAF is ideal for your commercial office space, Sygnal climate point gives individual zones temperature control helping to nullify the age old arguement over the office thermostat.

Individual climate control coupled with fully variable indoor fan speed ensuring superior comfort and economy in Australia's most sophisticated ducted climate control solution.

Light up your office with Lightpoint.


Lightpoint connects your entire office's lighting and selected power onto a single network that provides dimming, grouping, scheduling and dynamic switch mapping.

Lightpoint has been designed to bring lighting automation, normally reserved for prestige commercial spaces, to the offices of every Australian business. Real benefits include scheduling on/off events, the ability to turn off the whole office with a single touch on your way out the door and logging in with Sygnal "mothership" and check on your office away from the workplace.

Lighting control is inexpensive and has a significant impact on lifestyle, convenience, energy consumption and peace of mind.

Lightpoint combines with Sygnal climate point with the release of the stylish new capacitive touch "hybrid"room controller, The hybrid provides on/off control for both the lighting circuit and air conditioning zone without the need for multiple wall controllers by incorporating a temperature sensor within one easy to use control.

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