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Sygnal Chatterbox

Your home at your fingertips

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Sygnal Chatterbox is an interface that allows you to connect with the family of Sygnal products within your home or business on your smart device. Connect your Chatterbox to your network or home router and you will be able to interact from anywhere in the world provided your smart device has internet available.

The interface is easy to use and opens up the full features of the control system, making setting time clock events, adjusting energy settings and simply turning your air conditioning, lighting or power channels on & off a breeze. Sygnal Chatterbox takes the complexity out of modern controls and converts it to an experience everyone can understand.

Sygnal Mothership

Your Home Connected

Mothership is also a great tool for building and business managers, providing a 'round the clock ability to check on your essential services when connected, without having to be on-site. Sygnal Chatterbox and Mothership are designed to be a cost effective solution that is easy to connect and commission in the hands of the HVAC and Electrical contractor. Ask for a quote today.

Check out the Chatterbox demonstration at and go to the demo page.

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Sygnal Mothership is a cloud based hub allowing Sygnal Chatterboxes to communicate via the internet with you when your'e not at home. Simply connect your Chatterboxes to your home router or business network and all your'e Sygnal interfaced devices will be there at your fingertips. Imagine being able to turn on the air conditioning on a hot day an hour before you get home from work, or set up timers on your lighting, pool pump or irrigation system while on holidays.